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Sequels, Movies, Compilations, OVAs, and ONAs

Different Mediums


These guidelines are meant as buoys in a sea of uncertainty. Please use your discretion in relation to any synopsis you write.
The rules in question only pertain to a synopsis written for a series based on another series of the same medium. The synopsis for the parent series, regardless of relative release date, should be written normally.


Writing synopses for sequels, movies, compilations, OVAs, and ONAs are notoriously more difficult than writing for a standalone series.
These mediums are often shorter and sometimes even superficial in their plot, ranging from spinoffs to utter nonsense. It's difficult to include meaningful content about them in a synopsis without revealing too many events.
It is best to avoid generic phrases such as "following the events of X…". Instead, focus on the subject of the synopsis and containerize the synopsis as much as possible from its related series.
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