Final Edit? and Other Mysteries
Final Edits
First impressions count and the Synopses Tracker does not have much going for it to give a good one. Whether it's your first or five-hundredth glance, it is not very pretty and terribly complicated.
Or is it?
This document serves to unravel some of the mysteries surrounding the Tracker and answer your most burning questions.

Demystifying the Tracker

When the Background Information is filled, please put a * after the link under the document column (link -> link*).
This makes it easier for the DB mod to double-check the synopsis. A few samples can be seen in the Archive sheet.

What is the Final Edit? column in the Synopses in Progress sheet?

Some Writers enjoy their work and would fight to protect the integrity of their synopsis. There is nothing wrong with this. In fact, if a Writer wants to have a final say in what their synopsis should look like, they should.
This column was created with the idea of giving the Writer control over their own synopsis. If a writer wants to produce the final draft after the two phases of editing and work with the Coordinator to finalize the synopsis, they should mark Final Edit? as Yes.

How does Final Edit? work?

This is what the regular workflow looks like when Final Edit? is marked as No.
Writer ➜ Editor 1 ➜ Editor 2 ➜ Coordinator
And this is what the workflow looks like when Final Edit? is marked as Yes.
Writer ➜ Editor 1 ➜ Editor 2 ➜ Writer ➜ Coordinator
As you can see, the Writer now receives more chances to change their synopsis as they like.

An extra step for Editor 2

When Writer marks Final Edit? as Yes, Editor 2 must notify Writer when they're done with their work. It is now the Writer's turn to go over the two Editors' changes and decide on a draft of the synopsis that the Coordinator will pick up for approval. The Coordinator will then finalize the synopsis or take it up with the Writer for further discussion.

What is the Ready? column and does Final Edit? affect it?

The Ready? column is for the smooth transition of work from one step of the process to another. When a synopsis is still in progress or going through an edit, in other words, not ready for the next phase, Ready? is marked as No.
If one person is done with their work and the synopsis is ready for the next phase, Ready? Is marked as Yes.
If the Writer is done with the first draft of the synopsis, they turn Ready? to Yes. Editors know that this synopsis is up for grabs for the Phase 1 Edit, so Editor 1 picks it up.
When Editor 1 is working on it, they flip the switch to No. Ready? is marked as Yes again once the Phase 1 Edit is finished. Editor 2 then knows to pick it up, flip the switch to No, and finish their work on it.
Once the Phase 2 Edit is finished, Editor 2 should mark Ready? as Yes because they are done, right?
This depends on Final Edit?
If Final Edit? is marked as No, the Coordinator assumes it is ready for the next phase (approval) and picks it up and the synopsis is sent off.
If Final Edit? is marked Yes, Editor 2 finishes their edit and notifies the Writer and sets Ready? to Final. When the Writer completes their Final Edit, they set Ready? to Yes, indicating that the Coordinator can now pick it up for approval and send it off.

Still confused?

That's okay, just keep reading it over and over until it makes sense (or ask in our Discord server).
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