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What is it?

The "Background" section of any anime/manga contains encyclopedic information about the series, expanding upon the database entry's information.

What exactly can be put here?

Anything externally related to the anime/manga that may be interesting or informative about the series' development, relations, and/or legacy can be included in the Background Information. More will be elaborated on this in the following sections.

General Guidelines

While there is no specific way to approach writing the Background Information section, it is good to know that there are certain rules to keep in mind before adding any information. Keeping these in mind will help maintain consistency between Background sections across all database entries.
  • Before writing, double-check if the information that will be considered for background information approval is already documented in the Background section and/or in the More Info section of the database entry. If it is in one of these locations, then avoid including the information.
  • Omit the template text ("This is optional. Either the Writer or Editor...") if the Background Information section will be filled out.
  • All information must be written in full sentences and adhere to the Style Guide.
  • A source must be provided; these websites are often utilized in background information research:
    1. 2.
    2. 3.
      The official website of the anime/manga (if available)
English sources such as AnimeNewsNetwork (ANN) and English Wikipedia are good places to start, but they should always be cross-referenced with reliable Japanese sources.
Note: Try to avoid referencing websites that allow editing access to anybody—oftentimes, information written by various users is not sourced and can potentially be false. Fandom and AniDB are some examples.

Writing Background Information

Separate Comment
Existing Info
When the background information section is filled out, an asterisk (*) should be placed next to the synopsis link on the Synopsis Tracker. This makes it more convenient for the database moderators to be notified if the synopsis has background information as well as double-check if such information exists on future visits.
Add an asterisk after "link" in the Google Doc column of the Synopsis Tracker. In this example, the asterisk indicates that Non Non Biyori: Okinawa e Ikukoto ni Natta has background information while Yuru Camp Season 2 does not.
Sources should be placed in a Google Docs comment rather than within the content of the background information.
Depending on your role, highlight the appropriate position (or your username if a comment has already been made in these spots). Then click the dialog box
next to Share and press the icon with a plus
at the top right to create a new comment.
List any and all sources in this separate comment. Specifying what is obtained from the source is not required, but it may prove helpful for organization purposes and when double-checking gathered information.
Including clarifications can help you keep track of information, especially when citing multiple sources.
If an entry already contains background information and you would like to add more to it, ensure that the existing content is incorporated. In addition, remark in the separate comment that you retrieved it from the current MAL entry. You can also simply edit the existing background info as well and insert the updated version in the document.
Tip: While it can be assumed that existing background information has been reviewed by database moderators, it is a good practice to verify the information yourself. If you find any errors with the content and/or formatting, note them and any changes you made to address the issues in the separate comment.
The first paragraph of the Noir background information was already present before writing; adjustments were made by the writer when they added new information.
The accompaning separate comment addressing the changes.

Editing Background Information

Whether it is the writer of the synopsis or any editors that author the background information, it is recommended that it be proofread and considered for edits in tandem with the main synopsis. If for any reason it is not, the reviewing coordinator will fulfill this part.
When the Background Information section is edited by someone other than the author, write your username to indicate changes have been made.
If any edits are done to the background information section, then changes should be made directly instead of using the Suggestions tool. It makes it easier for the database moderators to copy/paste the information straight into the database entry. Furthermore, briefly document what edits have been made to inform everyone in the editing process. This can be done as a separate comment or as a reply to the comment containing the sources (only if you are the author of the background information or the one who provided the sources).
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Edits were noted in the separate comment.
For additional questions, contact our in-house manga moderator, stinghy.
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