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Use whichever unit of temperature is used in the entry you are writing for. Do not write out Celsius, Fahrenheit, or other units of temperature. Use abbreviations such as °C, °F, and K. For abbreviations which use the degree sign (°), do not leave a space between the degree sign and the number. Units which do not use a degree sign should be written with a space.


  • Correct: 30°C, 30°F, 30 K
  • Incorrect: 30 Celsius, 30 °F, 30K


Scale ratios which indicate the sizes of models should be expressed with a colon (no spaces on either side) between the two numbers. Additionally, the numbers on either side of the colon should always be written numerically.


  • Correct: A 1:100 replica
  • Incorrect: A 1 : 100 replica, a 1/100 replica, a one:one hundred replica

All other measurements

Use whichever unit of measurement is used in the entry you are writing for. Do not abbreviate units. Write them out in all cases.


  • Correct: kilometer, liter, pound, seconds
  • Incorrect: km, l, lb., secs

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