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Titles and character names

If the database name of an anime, manga, or character contains accents, write it using those accents.


English words with accents

Do not use accents for English words unless the accented form is significantly more common and removing the accents may cause uncertainty in regard to pronunciation.
Essentially, consider if an ESL reader would be able to understand the correct pronunciation without the accents. Since this is a largely subjective judgment, feel free to ask a coordinator if you are unsure.


  • Correct: cafe, naive, coup d'etat, fiancée
  • Incorrect: café, naïve, coup d'état, fiancee
Sometimes, accents appear as part of in-universe proper nouns. In such cases, they should be retained.


Occasionally, omitting accents may cause ambiguity. In such cases, the accents should be used.


  • Correct: He submitted a job résumé.
    • The journalist published an exposé.
  • Incorrect: He submitted a job resume.
    • The journalist published an expose.

Macrons (◌̄)

Macrons, which (in an anime and manga context) generally represent long vowels in Japanese romanization, should never be used. If you want to introduce a term with a macron, romanize it according to MAL's romanization guidelines.


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